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My mom is so lucky to have my dad as her husband because he is one of a kind. In due time, I am hoping that I could also find a husband like him. Responsible, hardworking, loving and family-oriented but it seems rare these days. Few years from now and I will also buy my new house. Even though my dad is capable to buy me one, I still prefer to have my own house based on my own effort. There is more integrity in providing for you. Dad said that it is very important to have a good credit score, this way you can be easily approved in when applying for a house loan. He asked me to read credit scores with bad credit and it’s very insightful. As per low rate loan, my dad said that they offer good payment terms and conditions. I just checked and tried to see all of my dad’s suggestion and they all seem good. Buying my own house will take some time as I need to stabilize my financials first to ensure that I can pay my housing loan.

For the moment, it will be more practical if I focus more on my work and generate more income. Everything starts with small steps and I am more than willing to take my time.
When my dad and I were about to part ways, I asked dad to bring my gift from my nephew which I bought from online baby deals.

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